Paradise Bliss

Paradise Bliss: Love, Happiness and… The Ugly

Sanaiya Johnson doesn’t have time for a man or a relationship. A New York City native who finds herself transplanted to the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, Georgia after catching her husband in their bed with another woman. Emotionally, it almost destroys her, but finds the strength to harness her pain into the motivation she needs to build a business of her own in the fast paced world of Investment Banking. With her mentor, John Phillips by her side they embark on a mission to establish themselves as one of the premier investment banking firms in Atlanta.
Ken Armstrong is an Atlanta native who married for love, only to discover that his wife’s only real interest was a green card. Devastated, Ken throws himself into his work and builds his business into one of Atlanta’s leading companies in the IT World.
Two successful business owners who have both sworn off love, learn that “Love” has its own agenda, and brings them together in a whirlwind romance that leaves Sanaiya desperate for more. Life doesn’t seem like it can be anymore perfect… and then Sanaiya gets the first of many threats on her life from a woman who demands that she “leave her man alone.” Sanaiya’s fear gets the best of her. She wants to know who this woman is and wants Ken to tell her the truth. The problem with that is that Ken is demanding the same thing from her. Who is this mystery woman? And who is zooming who in this knuckle wrenching, edge of your seat page turner. You will never guess the ending. Even for the players involved, the truth is just too bizarre.

This had intense moments that causes you keep reading because you had to see what the outcome was.
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