A Better Me

Have you ever been in a loveless or unaffectionate relationship or marriage? Involved or married to someone who is (or was) unsupportive of your dreams and goals? Have you ever given the best of yourself to someone, only to get nothing in return? Depleted your finances for your marriage?

I’ve been there before. I thought my world had ended, but I was so wrong! I was able to bounce back from it all, and now I’ll share with you how YOU too can bounce back, forgive yourself and others and move on. Questions about finances before, during, and after marriage and divorce? Looking for ideas on how you can prepare yourself financially for marriage? Seeking ways how you can save as a couple? Wanting to start a business as a married couple, but not sure what running a business encompasses?

Guess what? This booked is packed with multiple ways to address all the above mentioned and many, many more bonus materials.

I learned some valuable lessons in this book about myself and will use those tools daily. Great read!
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